The StrokeWinterSchool is a annual event organised by the neurology and neuroradiology departments of the Inselspital (also known as Bern University Hospital). The Inselspital is a member of the Insel Gruppe AG.


The StrokeWinterSchool takes place each year in early February.

The primary goal of the StrokeWinterSchool on acute interdisciplinary stroke treatment is to join European young stroke physicians and young neuroradiologists in order to enhance interdisciplinary management of patients with acute ischaemic stroke. A series of concentrated high quality teaching sessions and courses on acute stroke management will be offered at a low price.

The secondary goal of the winter school is to perform hands-on courses for interventional neuroradiologists and special teaching sessions for stroke physicians.

The StrokeWinterSchool is a unique learning environment and by combining plenum sessions, discussions and technical training, it will foster improvement in treatment of cerebrovascular disease and advance research in this complex field, leading to technical developments.


During the registration period (September to October) candidates can register themselves with the StrokeWinterSchool by filling in the online registration form. A registration is a declaration of interest to participate in the next StrokeWinterSchool course. Candidates who register themselves will receive an email confirming the registration. Candidates who wish to register as a pair should indicate their partner in the field 'coapplicant' in the online registration form (each candidate has to fill in his own registration form).


Whether a candidate is admitted to the StrokeWinterSchool depends on several factors.

  • Quality of application (CV, current and past employment, recommendations etc.)
  • Joint registration together with another candidate (pairs in general and pairs with a neurologist and a neuroradiologist in particular are preferred)
  • Country of residence (the main focus of the StrokeWinterSchool is on candidates working in Europe)
  • The expected benefit to the individual and to his/her stroke unit and country

The results of the selection process will be communicated by email (usually within two weeks of the end of the registration period). Rejected candidates can of course register again in the next registration period. Accepted candidates will receive the payment terms in addition to the invitation.


Accepted candidates who pay the fee receive a final confirmation and are thereafter officialy enrolled in the next StrokeWinterSchool course. Accepted candidates who do not pay the fee in time are not enrolled and can therefore not participate in the next StrokeWinterSchool course.


Candidates can cancel their registration at any time either by sending an email (in reply to the invitation email) or leave a message on the StrokeWinterSchool website (click on 'Contact'). Even after paying the fee the accepted candidate can still cancel his enrollment by sending an email to the StrokeWinterSchool. Due to organisational constraints the StrokeWinterSchool can only refund the cancellation of an enrollment up to one month before the course takes place (i.e. before January 1st).


This document was last updated on November 23rd 2016.

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Website: www.strokewinterschool.com

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Prof. Urs Fischer, Neurology, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Jan Gralla, Neuroradiology, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland


Neurology & Neuroradiology, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

Concept, Design, Programming, Support

Support Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (SCAN), Neuroradiology, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

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This document was last updated on November 23rd 2016.